The Avwatch Mobile Tracking Antenna System is a simple to use, turn-key antenna solution that provides automatic tracking of nodes in a Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) with a high gain direction antenna. The system is optimized to extend the range of air-to-ground links containing HD video and other IP based data. With a compact form factor requiring almost no setup from an operator, the Mobile Tracking Antenna System simplifies the complexities of highly dynamic networks even when both an airborne and ground based node is in motion. Because of its unique capabilities, the Mobile Tracking Antenna System is ideal for digital data links between mobile assets like vehicles, aircraft, UAS, ships and boats.



Minimal Physical Setup Required

The MTS is one complete unit that only requires power and a target node to track. Heading and location information of both the MTS and target node are automatically calculated and updated continuously. Furthermore, an integrated Inertial Navigation System provides heading information (Error < 0.8°) and computations for continuous tracking.

Tracking System On-The-Move

The MTS does not need to be static like most tracking systems. With the INS and Gimbal Stabilization, the MTS has the capability to be used in maritime and vehicular environments resulting in minimal RF degradation or attenuation during pitch and rolls.

Radio Agnostic, Modular Design

Compatible with all major MANET radios currently on the market, the MTS integrates seamlessly into either SISO or MIMO networks offering extended range in the smallest form factor possible. Due to its unique design, radios can be swapped in seconds with wiring harnesses for major radio manufacturers.

Unparalleled Throughput At Distance

By utilizing Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology on a dual polarized antenna, the MTS provides the additional Mbps needed to stream HD video feeds and other data through a MANET at 100+ miles in optimal conditions.

MTS 2.0 Frequency Band Packages

The Avwatch Mobile Tracking System (MTS) is a simple to use, turn-key solution that provides automatic tracking of nodes in a Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET). The system is optimized to extend the range of air -to-ground links passing high definition video and any other IP based data required. Ideal scenarios include UAVs, manned aircraft, vehicular and maritime applications.

The frequency band packages for the MTS2.0 are designed to swap in seconds providing an operator multiple options when rapidly deploying a MANET.



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