Scientific Research

Avwatch regularly flies scientists from nationally recognized research institutions in order to study marine mammals in the northeast region of the U.S. Our fleet of aircraft is optimized to assist scientists in collecting data about these incredible animals.

Flight Services

Avwatch maintains a fleet of aircraft that are configurable to meet specific customer needs in order to take your project to the next Technology Readiness Level (TRL). All aircraft are outfitted with a Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) datalink to provide real time control of sensors from the ground increasing the overall efficiency of flight time. Avwatch will work directly with the end user from start to finish ensuring a successful completion of the flight test.


Emergency Services

With today’s responders requiring remote access to information and the ability to share information amongst each other and throughout the chain of command, MANETs are rapidly becoming a cornerstone for emergency responders and entities operating in remote and/or shifting operational areas. As certified MANET operators, Avwatch provides the radio frequency (RF) experience to offer wireless, network solutions between multiple vehicles, aircraft, vessels and personnel both on the ground and airborne.


Surrogate UAV & ISR Services

Avwatch was founded as a surrogate UAV company that provides CAS training to troops about to be deployed. We are proud to have provided the support needed in various training efforts and continue to provide this type of support under multiple DoD contracts.